Friday, October 24, 2014


Dreams are at the heart of the romance novel and 
love of the sort that reaches deep into the soul.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Arizona Sunset

First book in the O'Brian series.

Abigail Spencer is trapped in a life she didn't choose and doesn't want. What other choices are there for a woman in Arizona Territory 1883! She dresses as she should, takes care of a selfish father's needs, and pushes off a suitor who doesn't really want her but rather the convenience she offers.

So along comes an opportunity to go on a small adventure which quickly escalates into a bigger adventure or will it be more than that? Suddenly Abigail has options but with options come consequences. She can be the author of her own fate but at what cost?

Sam Ryker has always ridden the wild side, doing what he had to survive in a world that cared little about children and then men like him. It's not possible for someone like him to have any kind of normal life.

Through fate, these two people come together with their so different expectations and dreams but with one thing in common-- a passion for each other that can destroy or redeem them. Southern Arizona in 1883, was a time when men and women could change their world, but they had to fight for it.

Tucson Moon

Second book in the O'Brian series.

Marshal Cord O'Brian is bound and determined to see justice done-- no matter what it costs him. He had been a marshal all his adult life and keeping the law has is what he does but increasingly it has become his burden. 
Priscilla Wesley has everything going for her with wealthy parents, beauty, a privileged life. The last thing she needs is to fall in love with a man who lives by the gun. Yet of all the men in Tucson, who she could have had, the only one who fascinates her is U.S. Deputy Marshal Cord O’Brian. 

Attraction between two such different people isn't enough—or is it? These two are about to find out when Cord's nine year old daughter, Grace, arrives in Tucson and he very much needs Priscilla's help to learn how to be a father.

Cord and Sam Ryker, the hero of Arizona Sunset, had a strong dislike for each other, which is explored in the second book. Will they end up facing each other with guns blazing or is the connection between the wolf and the hawk more complicated than either might imagine?

Tucson Moon is about love, family relationships, the desert, and Arizona Territory in 1886-87. It is about choices and how each one can determine our fate.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Arizona Dawn

Book Three in the O'Brian series

In 1899, when Grace O'Brian arrives back in Tucson by train, she is very different than the nine-year old child who came with fear and trepidation to meet the father she had never known. She is polished and has a degree as an architect as one of the first wave of educated women in the United States. What's on her mind though isn't architecture.

Rafe Cordova has been to war. He's had a marriage that went bust and an ex-wife who makes it hard for him to see his son. He has come to Tucson to escort Grace down to the family ranch, the Circle O. What happens next doesn't go according to plan-- at least not his.

Comes the Dawn is a story of love, redemption, family, struggle, and the importance of fathers. It's about Arizona and growth. On one level, it's a very simple story-- one we all live where we must sometimes come through the darkness to reach the dawn. A story of forbidden love, of fighting for what you want, and how some of the best things don't come easily or quickly.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Diablo Canyon

Diablo Canyon, a contemporary fantasy romance, is a trilogy combining three novellas in one book. Part 1, When Fates Conspires asks the question is there fairness in life and what happens when we die, as two couples struggle to find their happily ever after while tragedy seems ever ready to put a period to their existence. With humor and pathos, two spirit guides, Remus and Justus try to make life better for these couples, but when fates conspire is that possible?

In The Dark of the Moon, the story advances a year and a half where Myra Farrell is struggling to hold onto her ranch, the Box Z, against formidable odds until a stranger appears. Will Pace Emerson be her salvation or her damnation? Pace is a man with secrets. Myra’s spirit guide, Racine, distrusts him from first sight mostly because he can also see her. Humans aren't supposed to do that.

The trilogy is wrapped up in Storm in the Canyon with a new love story between someone coming from the spirit world and a human who is also a Druid. Three powerful women of different generations are matched with three powerful men, all with their own secrets, their own destinies. The spirit and human world are faced with a third world—one mankind has long tried to suppress.  Diablo Canyon has been drawing power to itself through natural events, which are now being used by timeless beings with a desire to retake power.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Sky Daughter

What do we really know about ourselves, our families, the reality of the world in which we live? Maggie is about to find all of that a challenge which can mean the difference between life and death.

Maggie Gard had come to the mountains where her grandfather lived to find healing after her folk music career deteriorated and both her parents were killed in a small plane crash. She didn't expect to find a family mystery nor did she imagine Reuben who had come into the area for some healing of his own and instead was kidnapped only to escape and run into Maggie. Together they face an unknown enemy as they try to unravel the mystery of what is happening in this mountain community.

Monday, January 20, 2014

From Here to There

Helene is in her beautiful gown, ready to be married, when she realizes what a terrible mistake this will be. She does not want the life her groom does. She barely knows who he is. She goes through with the wedding and tells Phillip on their way to the reception that she wants an annulment. Not surprisingly, he doesn't take this well. Helene doesn't care. She is going to live on her uncle's ranch in Montana and find her dream life.

Following the shock that Helene doesn't see him as tough enough comes another.  Her Uncle Amos arrives at his penthouse to suggest Phillip put aside his business dealings and come west, work on the ranch,and give Helene a chance to see he's more of a man than she thinks. 

At first Phillip laughs at the ridiculous notion, but the idea that he's not tough enough has irked him. Will that be enough to send him to Montana?

From Here to There is the story of a woman with a dream and a man without one. It takes place mostly in Montana where the life on a ranch and a journal Helene's aunt left for her tell more of the story of the modern west. It is a love story dedicated to ranch life, nature, and family.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Montana Christmas

This novella is a slice of life story about the spirit and heart of Christmas, the themes that go beyond religion to a broader look at what family means and how important is it in our lives? What about for someone who has had a a less than perfect family?

Helene and Phillip, in From Here To There, have been married three years and are working out the problems of having two homes, one in Boston and one on the Montana ranch. Helene is hoping to have a baby. As part of her desire for more family, she has decided to bring Phillip's estranged family to their ranch in Montana.  

Phillip, who now blends being a ranch owner with running his financial empire, has his reservations. Helene doesn't know his family! But he loves his wife, and he'll give it a try-- expecting disaster as the result. 

With some surprises along the way, this is a slice of life story of ranch life, the holidays, and continues Helene and Phillip's love story. The novella stands alone but is filled with continuing characters from the earlier book.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Desert Inferno

A contemporary O'Brian story

When Rachel O'Brian, on one of her painting trips into the wilderness desert that surrounds her family ranch, discovers a dead man, it sets in motion events that will change her life. As a successful landscape painter, the last thing she expects to need is a man in her life. That lasts right up until she meets Jake Donovan.

Jake, a Border Patrolman, has avoided emotional entanglements not so much because he had it all but more because he knew where they all led-- to pain and loss. Rachel might think she knows what she wants and it is him but knows she'll change her mind when the novelty wears off.

Desert Inferno is set in the rugged border country of Southern Arizona where danger walks hand in hand with beauty. It takes a tough people to survive long out in the open desert and in their own ways, both Rachel and Jake are strong. Together they will go on the adventure of finding love before they face a run their lives.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Evening Star

A contemporary O'Brian story involving Randy, Rachel's cousin from the book 'Desert Inferno.' These characters are also in 'Bannister's Way,' which takes place a few years after this story.

Most of us have guiding principles or even someone in our life who has been a marker for us as to how life should be lived. We have higher aspirations where we are reaching out toward something more than we currently have. It's a bit of human nature.

Marla Jamison doesn't think that way. She works hard as an assistant DA in Portland, Oregon. She has goals but they relate to her latest case, not her personal life. 
Best laid plans and all that when she meets Randy O'Brian who has come to Portland to be part of the thin blue line that protects citizens. He is carrying a secret, but, for Randy, when you want something, you go after it. He wants Marla.

Evening Star  is a story of woman's story of growth forced upon her by loving the man she knew she should not. It is set in Oregon moving between two worlds-- the big city to the ranching community. Marla's problem is learning to open herself to risk. Is Randy the man he claims, her own evening star, or the most dangerous distraction of her life.